Gyde Lyfe is the act of showing others the way in every step you take. We all have different interests and passions that drive us to our idea of success or accomplishments, but within those differences, we are the same! Finding those similarities, which are only separated by different paths, is our responsibility to discover how we all connect. You can be the change and “SET THE EXAMPLE” for others to join you in the positive movement forward. We found what drives us through the outdoors, but anything can be your vehicle to stop the separation, and guide lives in a direction that is better for us all. 

GydeLyfe hired me to brand this experience with a logo that could be translated well onto apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. I created a logo that is current in it's design in two different experiences. One has a summer feel and the other has a wintery feel. Other designs included a boat wrap and tradeshow graphics.
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