I had the great opportunity of designing the book cover and graphical inserts for this book.

A story of inspiration, hope, heartbreak and reality.

A quiet lesson in grace and acceptance from a young woman who saw life as an opportunity even when she was given a medical death sentence.

Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at age three, Brianna Oas Strand was told she wouldn't live past thirteen. A tragically short life spent in and out of hospitals, ruthless infections, medical trials and treatments, and no promises. But with a superhuman spirit and the support of her family and community, Brianna fought for not only each breath but to put life into each breath.

Told through her husband's eyes, Loving Someone Who Is Dying is Brianna s moving story as she battled CF yet relentlessly pursued a full life working with animals, falling in love, starting a family, becoming an advocate for those with CF, and taking the fight for funding to the most public platform the United States Senate.

Loving Someone Who Is Dying is a book for anyone facing life challenges, simply looking for faith, and a reason to truly choose happiness over despair, hope over helplessness. It continues her legacy and promoting her message to the world.

This book is part of an amazing project called Choose Your Attitude

CYA's Mission: Words easy to read, however; often difficult to practice and apply. Like making it to the gym, eating healthier, saving money, making it to bed early, or even controlling your urge for just one more sweet treat, daily choices that impact our everyday lives . . .

Life doesn't allow us to pick and choose the triumphs and struggles we will go through, but we are in full control of how we look at them.

That choice, that attitude, creates the complete approach to the future ahead, no matter how difficult things could be. Anything from a stubbed toe to a cancer diagnosis, by simply by an attitude we all can create the impossible, into heroism. 

Choose Your Attitude was created with the same mentality. No struggle is too big to impact the small choice we make of our attitude on how we approach it, all in turn creating level of our life we choose to give it! The reward, not only living a fulfilled life, but inspiring those around us, creating an infectious circle of life!

Creative Direction, Graphic Project, Identity and Illustration: Don Melendez
Author: Nicholas Strand
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